We all need a Daily Practice

This could be the most important step you’ll ever take in living an Empowered Life

This is the least sensational, yet most important step in living a Balanced life. It’s also an essential step in dealing with everything from Self-Sabotaging Behaviour, developing Healthy Boundaries, transforming fear into power, living an Authentic empowered life, manifesting a new reality to standing in Alignment with your Higherself.…. Honestly, the list is endless.


Your Daily Practice is a Reset activity that brings your Mind, Body, Heart and Soul back into Balance and Alignment. Your Daily Practice may change from time to time depending on what’s going on in your life, and while some elements of your Daily Practice will change as you grow and evolve, you may find that certain aspects of it will be with you throughout your life.

To set up a Daily Practice, I suggest that you have four categories: Mind, Heart, Body and Soul. In each of these categories, come up with things that you can do that will strengthen and balance your connection in that area. For example:

  • Mind Engage in practices that quiet and strengthen your mind: Meditation, a creative activity
  • Heart Do things that bring you joy and peace: A walk in the woods
  • Body  Engage in physical activities that bring your body into balance: Conscious Breathing, yoga
  • Soul Connect with your Higherself, spiritual activities, Meditation


Important: whatever you choose to do, be sure to do them with Intention, as a purposeful activity you’re engaging in to bring yourself to a place of Balance.

Some other suggestions of things you can do are: Reading and journaling for personal growth, mindful eating, mindful exercise, making a conscious spiritual connection with Nature each day, expressing Gratitude each day and saying a mantra or affirmation throughout the day.  The most important thing of all is to engage in things that are meaningful to you and that create Balance and Alignment.


As great as the above ideas are, they will not amount to anything as a Daily Practice unless there is Consistency. To help you be more Consistent, first determine a realistic amount time that you can devote to the activity. Next, determine the best time of day for you to do it.

Believe it or not, for most people the most challenging part of maintaining a Daily Practice is remembering to do it. If you’re having trouble remembering to do your Daily Practice, simply put a notification in your phone to remind you.

A Daily Practice should be fluid as well as structured, allowing for the unexpected events that pop up during the day/week. If your best intention of doing your 30 minutes morning yoga/meditation practice was sidelined by something you hadn’t planned for, that’s okay. Make a note of it, schedule it for later in the day or the next day and if possible identify something else you can do instead, such a 2 minutes of Conscious Breathing.

Key Takeaway: For your Daily Practice to be successful, have structure, and within that structure allow for some flexibility.

Need help with this?

Developing an effective Daily Practice really could be the most important step you’ll ever take in living a Balanced and Empowered life. It will build a strong foundation under you for everything you’ll ever do, create and engage in.

Do you have a Daily Practice? What is the most challenging part of it for you? If you would like help in developing a Daily Practice that will help you live your Highest and Brightest life, please contact me at: [email protected]


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