Who we are, how our beliefs and behaviours shape our lives, and developing the ability to grow into the most complete and beautiful expressions of who we are, has been a huge interest of mine for as long as I can remember.


It is truly extraordinary how much power we have to create the lives we want. No longer do we have to be bound by the experiences of our past or held back by uncertainty and self-sabotaging behaviour. We can change all that now. We have so much more information to work with!


My focus is to teach you the Life Skills and Empowerment Strategies you need to start living a truly authentic and fulfilling Life and Career. This isn’t just a job for me. This is my Passion! I genuinely want to see you succeed.

path in the forest during the fall
path in the forest with red and yellow red and orange leaves
forest in the fall with orange and red leaves

The Path I took to get here

Academically, I attended McGill University in Montreal as well as the University of Toronto where I achieved my Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology.


Additionally, I am a Certified Transformation Life Coach, a Certified CBT Cognitive Behaviour (Mindset) Life Coach, a Certified Mindfulness Life Coach, and a Certified Happiness Life Coach.


As well, I have gained Certificates of Completion for “Critical Thinking with Emotional Intelligence”,  “The Neuroscience of Habits” and “Professional Neuroplasticity”.


I am also a Professional Career Coach, 4th Degree Reiki Master, and have a life-long commitment to Continual Learning.


But there was another, and very important, educational path I took. It was my own personal journey of Awareness. This path taught me how to transform my fears and doubts into power and create a deeply meaningful, authentic, and fulfilling Life. With this, I realized that I had a responsibility to share this knowledge with others and have had the privilege of helping so many people create deeply fulfilling lives and Careers.


It is so satisfying to see my clients put an end to non-productive patterns, self-sabotaging behaviour and self doubt, and start reaching their goals! Clients tell me that my positive energy combined with insight and simple, clear techniques have transformed their lives.


In each session you will get my complete focus on the issues you are dealing with, as well as my full commitment to helping you make the changes you desire.



Life Skills and Empowerment Strategies


The Individual Life Sessions, Professional Career Counseling,  Communication Skills, Young Adult Empowerment Program and Stress Reduction Skills I offer are helping people just like you get unstuck and get on with living amazing lives.


In addition to this, I have a comprehensive list of highly skilled professionals in complementary modalities that you can draw from should you need support in other areas.


I have taught a wide variety of Life Skills and Empowerment Strategies Workshops, spoken to Interest groups and Businesses, published articles and done Radio and Television interviews. In addition, I regularly post inspiring and helpful thoughts and tips on my social media and Blog that you can access at any time to support you on your journey.


My work is to bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be, and help you get there. If this is speaking to you, I want to hear from you! Hope to connect with you soon. ~ Kristina

You are a Miracle: Unique. Radiant. Beautiful.

You are a Miracle. Unique. Radiant. Beautiful.

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