Who we are, how our beliefs and behaviors shape our lives, and the ability to evolve into the most complete and beautiful expressions of who we are as human beings has been a huge interest of mine, for as long as I can remember.


Academically, I attended McGill University in Montreal as well as the University of Toronto and there, in those hallowed halls, I learned about people, communities, cultures, religions, philosophy, logic and higher thought. Without a doubt, it was the best academic foundation I could have chosen for what I was born to do with my life.

path in the forest during the fall
path in the forest with red and yellow red and orange leaves
forest in the fall with orange and red leaves

Another Path

But there was another, and very important, educational path I took and that was my own personal journey of awareness. This path taught me how to solve the riddle of unwanted themes repeating themselves in my life.  It taught me how to transform my fears and doubts into power. I learned skills for maximizing the gifts I have been given so that I could make a difference in the lives of others. I found my way out of that exhausting maze of frustration and discontent. Once I did, I realized that I couldn’t keep this information to myself. I felt I had a profound responsibility to share this knowledge with others and so, I developed The Personal Empowerment Program. Based on it, I have had the privilege of helping so many people create deeply fulfilling lives and careers.


To say this work is a passion for me doesn’t do it justice. It is an absolute honor to share what I’ve learned, watch people transform their lives and live with great personal integrity.

You are a miracle. You were born to be unique.

You are a miracle. You were born to be unique.

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