A Balanced Life

There are two ways to go through Life:


1. Like a little cork bobbing on the ocean, being bounced around chaotically by every wave that comes your way. You’re stressed, tired and overwhelmed, never knowing what will hit you next. You long for calm seas and solid ground.


2. Living from a place of feeling centered, balanced, grounded and at peace, regardless of what is occurring in your life.


The first way is exhausting and leads to catastrophic mental, emotional and physical health issues. The second is called living in Balance. It is the most powerful and productive place from which to live your life.


No matter what you’re currently experiencing, this is possible and it is yours to claim. Let me teach you time-honoured skills for developing a deeper connection with yourself, creating a daily practice for reducing mental, emotional and physical stress, and living life in Balance.


It’s the difference between simply existing and truly living.

This Is Your Time.

Reiki: Stress Reduction

I have found that the combination of Counseling and Reiki is incredibly powerful for affecting positive change! Reiki goes down to a level that words can’t get to  and has the ability to release stress and restore Balance and well being.


You can look forward to greatly reduced stress, and a profound sense of peace, stability, replenishment and contentment. It really is extraordinary!


I am also able to tune into things at a deeper level. This gives me a much broader understanding of what my clients are going through. With this ability, I am able to help people make clearer decisions and live more conscious and authentic lives.

Messages for You