Creating A Balanced Life

There are two ways to go through Life:


The First Way:  Like a little cork bobbing on the ocean, being bounced around chaotically by every wave that comes your way. You’re stressed, anxious, tired and overwhelmed, never knowing what will hit you next. You long for peace and calm.


The Second Way: Living from a place of feeling centered, grounded, balanced and at peace, regardless of what is occurring in your life.


The first option is exhausting and leads to catastrophic mental, emotional and physical health issues. The second is called living in Balance. It is the most powerful and productive place from which to live your life.


No matter what you’re currently experiencing, this is possible and it is yours to claim. Let me teach you time-honoured skills for developing a deeper connection with yourself, creating a daily practice for reducing mental, emotional and physical stress, and living life in Balance.


It’s the difference between simply existing and truly living.

Centered. Grounded. Calm. Balanced.

Balanced Living: Self-care, Mindfulness, Daily Practice and Healthy Boundaries

We now know the importance Self-Care. It affects every single aspect of our being, every corner and moment of our Life, how we live and how we age. Developing a Daily Practice to reduce stress is a key component of this. If you’re interested in learning some tips for doing this, see the links I’ve posted at the bottom of the page.


There are many things you can incorporate into your Daily Practice that I would love to share with you, but the most important thing to keep in mind is that it has to be accessible to your life. If it only looks good on paper but impossible for you to fit into your life, it won’t work.


I would also say that it’s important to start with small steps. Make small changes that you can commit to daily. Over time, these small steps in Self-care, Mindfulness, Daily Practice and Healthy Boundaries turn into big behavioural changes, and this in turn delivers long-term results.



Meditation and Conscious Breathing


No doubt you’ve heard of the many benefits of Mindfulness, Meditation and Conscious Breathing! The science behind these practices clearly demonstrate their ability to reduce stress, center, ground, being clarity of mind, improve health/immune system, sleep and the quality on one’s Life.


If you’d like to learn more about this, you may be interested in Dr. Mark Hyman’s podcast “The Doctor’s Farmacy” on this topic: How Meditation activates our Healing Mechanisms


As well, here are some of my posts on the topic. I hope you find some great, useable information in them that you can make good use of to live a Balanced Life!


What will help you live a healthy, happy Life?…..Balanced Living: Self-care Mindfulness, Daily Practice, Boundaries. If you are interested in learning more ways that you can create a Balanced Life, I’d love to hear from you ~Kristina


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