Professional Career Counseling

If you have been looking for someone to help you get on track with your Career, you’ve come to the right place!  The Professional Career Counseling Services I offer have helped so many people find jobs they love and develop a Career path they look forward to. It’s such a positive and empowering process for my clients and I genuinely love to see them succeed.


People reach out to me for all kinds of Career challenges. Sometimes the focus is on finding a job that is stable, where my client can make steady money and have benefits. Other times, there might be a job transition taking place and they need to identify transferable skills. For some, it’s about finding work they are passionate about and other people might just need help with Interview Training. Honestly, the list is endless but all of this is to say that people arrive for many different kinds of work related situations, and we get it done!


But that’s not all. The approach I take, which is quite different from how most people put together Resumes, Cover Letters and approach Interviews, is yielding hard-to-ignore results. On average, every year at least 95% of my Career Counseling clients are being hired in their preferred job!



Career Counseling can make a difference!


What these tangible results indicate is that my clients are being noticed. Remember, from the employer’s viewpoint, hiring someone is a monumental investment in time, money and resources, so they want to know that they are getting the best.


My clients are repeatedly being told that their Resumes, Cover Letters and Interview Skills are “Outstanding!” (that’s literally the word we hear), but most important of all, they’re being hired.


Speaking from professional experience, here’s what I want you to know: There is absolutely no reason why you should spend years showing up for a job that doesn’t inspire you, feel demoralized because you’ve lost your job or overwhelmed that you have to find a job.


Now you have a credible option. You can make good use out of the highly effective Career Counseling Sessions I offer.

Level Up Your Career.

Professional Career Counseling: What You Can Expect

My Professional Career Counseling sessions will help you:


  • Identify your strengths, skills and experience
  • Develop a powerful Resume and Cover Letter
  • Develop a clear and effective Plan of Action for finding a job
  • Develop excellent Interview Skills! This is critical because, ‘how’ you present yourself, IS part of the message. No matter how great your Resume is, if your Interview skills don’t match the quality of your Resume, you won’t get hired. With my Interview Training process, you will go into your Interview with more knowledge, confidence, and a greatly improved ability to give a first class interview.


One more important point to mention: The very process of how I assist my clients in developing Professional Resumes and Cover Letters, helps them gain much more awareness about themselves and in particular, how they see themselves professionally. As a result, they feel MUCH more confident about what they’re bringing to the table, and this translates into a powerful Interview. The process itself, is making a huge difference.


If this sounds like the Career support you’ve been looking for, please contact me!

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