Teen and Young Adult Counseling

The journey from Teen to Adulthood is one of the great transitions in the lifetime of a human being. It’s right up there with the major transition adults experience between 38-52years but they (the young adults) have so much less life experience and confidence in themselves with which to deal with things.  It can be a very difficult and disorienting time for young adults and without support they can really struggle.


I work primarily with those 19yrs and older as they seem to make the best connection with the Life Skills and Empowerment Strategies I teach. I consistently find them eager and ready to learn anything that will help them, and so appreciative for the support.


This brings to mind someone I recently worked with who was being bullied at work. I coached him on a number of points and suggested a way to handle it. To his credit, even though we hadn’t worked together before, and ‘Coaching’ was new to him, he completely trusted the process. We practiced the skills in our session, and I gave him some things to work on later that night. The next day I received a text from him saying “It worked! I can’t believe it!!”.


The key take way from this example is the confidence he now has in himself that he can effectively deal with a difficult situation in an emotionally mature way. His belief in himself grew, and that’s what we want to see happen, because that will help him grow into an empowered, respectful and respected adult man.


The work I do with young adults equips them with the knowledge, life skills and support needed to move through this transitional period with clarity and confidence. As I have been told by some of the parents, it can easily be considered an essential part of their overall education and preparation for Life!

There’s no better time than Now.

The Process

As you can imagine each young adult is very different, so this work is done in Individual sessions, where they can feel safe to talk freely and get the support they need.


My goal is to help them expand their awareness, become clearer about their goals, teach them the skills they need and coach them in how to use them. It’s about helping them find their footing during this time of transition. Some of this might include:


  • Develop a clearer understanding about who they are
  • Learn communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Learn skills for dealing with stress
  • Determine their short and long term goals
  • Develop skills for reaching goals
  • Develop a Professional Resume, Cover Letter and Interview Skills


If you have a teen or young adult in your life, please give strong consideration to the benefits this program can offer in setting them up for success in Life.


I can’t say this enough: Empowered youth grow up to become empowered adults who create empowered families, businesses and communities. I think we all can agree that this is what we need more of.

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