Teen and Young Adult Counseling

This program empowers Teens and Young Adults with the knowledge, life skills and support needed to move through this transitional period with clarity and confidence. It can easily be considered an essential part of their overall education and preparation for life!


These coaching sessions will help Teens and Young Adults:


  • Develop a clearer understanding about who they are
  • Determine their short and long term goals
  • Develop skills for reaching goals
  • Learn how to deal with self-sabotaging behavior
  • Learn skills for dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Learn excellent communication skills
  • Develop a higher level of self-esteem

This Is Your Time.

The Result

As a result, they will have  direction, a plan and the skills needed for creating an empowered adult life.


This program takes place in One on One sessions and with each dynamic session, there is a definite sense of moving forward and having learned something new and usable.


If you have a teen or young adult in your life, please give strong consideration to the benefits this program can offer in setting them up for success in life.


Empowered youth grow up to become empowered adults who create empowered families, businesses and communities…….and that’s what we need more of!

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