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If you want to transform your life, one thing is clear: Your Hunger has to be greater than your Fear.


Your hunger for what you want, has to be greater than the fears that hold you back.


These powerful Talks and Workshops are vibrant, insightful and engaging. They will inspire you to peel back the layers of confusion, get down to the root of with what’s holding you back and ignite your hunger to grow into the most dynamic expression of who you are meant to be in this lifetime!

This Is Your Time.


Talk topics greatly appeal to special interest groups and the general public.


For more information or to discuss designing a talk specifically suited to meet the needs of your group / team / community please call or email me directly.




These workshops topics are greatly valued by individuals want to grow and are motivated to change!


A wide variety of workshops are offered throughout the year so be sure to sign up for them. They will expand your thinking, teach you valuable skills and motivate you to take steps to transform your Life.


Bookmark this page and check back often to find out about upcoming workshops.


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