Panic vs Calm

How to keep your Fears from stopping you

When thinking about trying something new, particularly something that has high stakes to it i.e. pursuing a new career path, moving to a new country, starting a business, entering into a long-term committed relationship, it’s natural to have concerns. This is not a bad thing! In fact, having these concerns means you’re thinking things through, considering all aspects of your decision, and looking into things in greater detail. The result of this effort actually increases the chance of your decision having a positive outcome. But sometimes those concerns gain so much traction that they end up stopping you. You freeze in your tracks, you don’t take the step, and the opportunity passes you by. Learn how to keep your Fears from stopping you and get out ahead of them.


How to keep your Fears from stopping you

Between All or Nothing (reckless abandonment vs. getting stuck where you are), there’s a place in the middle called ‘Balance’. Navigate your way to that point.

Finding Balance

Between All or Nothing there’s a place in the middle called Balance.

What this means is yes, absolutely, have intelligent concerns, but make your concerns work in your favour by getting you to a stronger, more informed place from where you can make decisions that will turn out well for you. It might look like this:

  • Getting advice from professionals in the field. There’s nothing better than getting the ‘inside scoop’ from people who have walked the path before you.
  • Educate yourself/ learn skills that will make you stronger going into it.
  • Identify the areas where you are weak, and into those places, put highly reputable people/resources to guide you.
  • Formulate a plan so things don’t get so overwhelming that you might miss details.
  • Surround yourself with great support/people who will be honest with you.
  • Be willing to put in the time and effort.



Understand your System

In addition to the above, know what your brain and body need to be healthy, calm, grounded and clear thinking.  This is a very important step, yet it’s the one most people overlook. I equate it to making sure your car is in tip-top condition before setting out on the road trip of your dreams. Fortunately, there is so much valuable information available to help you get your entire system into the best condition possible. Just make sure your Plan includes these:

  • Meditation, Breathing and other stress reduction techniques will serve you well
  • Commit to a Daily Practice that reduces stress and keeps your mind clear and focused
  • Work with a Naturopath to support your system in reducing stress and anxiety and increasing mental focus
  • A Nutritionist can help you maximize your energy
  • And enlisting the help of a Trainer/Life Coach can be one of the BEST investments you can make in helping you formulate a plan, develop effective strategies for challenges that come up and support you through the process of reaching your goal


Once you’ve done your preparation, focus on where you want to land. Fully commit to to your goal! Remember: Where you look you will go.

If you never try, you’ll never know. Remember that it’s natural to have some fears and anxiety when stepping out of your comfort zone. With a few strong stepping stones in place, you can greatly increase the chances of it turning out beautifully. Don’t let fear stop you!


Great Resources

1. Have a listen to Mel Robbins podcast:  4 Simple Tools to Conquer your Fear

2. Are you too stressed to sleep? How about having Mathew McConaughey tell you a bedtime story. This is legit! 🙂



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