Change your vibration, Change your LIfe

You’re just ONE thought away

In a world where the issues seem so large that you feel powerless to change them, here’s how much power YOU have to change your life!


Here’s what we know

No one else but you gets to determine your thoughts: This is your domain, and you have full, sovereign control over it.

Thoughts have vibration to them: Just think how it feels to be around someone positive, hopeful and inspiring, as opposed to someone who always points out the negative and finds fault with everything. Their vibrational state affects how you feel, right?

Vibrations create your Reality: Science/Quantum Mechanics tells us is that we are vibrational beings, living in a vibrational Universe, and by changing our vibration we can create the reality we want.

You are NEVER stuck: There is always hope for change because at anytime you can choose to change your vibration, and this will cause the situation you’re in, to change.


What all of this means is….

This means, you’re just ONE thought from raising your vibration  ->  Which will cause you to feel a better feeling  ->  Which will then cause a cascade of beautiful, positive, uplifting neurochemicals to flood your brain and body  ->  Which will then cause every cell in your body to do a happy dance to the new vibration i.e. be healthier by vibrating at a higher frequency (disease is very low frequency)  -> -> ->  All of which will send a clear, precise signal out into the Universe saying: I am ready for a happier, healthier, more joyful and fulfilling life. Bring it to me now!

Upon receiving your message/new vibration, the Universe has no option but to respond to your request and bring to you the higher vibrational life you asked for.

You’re just ONE thought away, from THAT!


How does this work in real time?

So for example, if you’re thinking:

‘I can’t do that’,  say this instead: I don’t know how to do it yet, but I can learn

‘My life will never change’: I have changed and learned so much from who I was years ago

‘Others are better off than me’: There are people in the world who wish they could have all the good fortune that is in mine

‘I don’t feel like doing anything’: I am grateful that I have many options for what I can do with my day, including resting if I need to


The more you do this, the EASIER it gets

What Brain Science tells us is that the brain believes whatever you tell it over and over again. It opens up a neural pathway for that thought and the more you think that thought, the more that ‘pathway’ becomes a super-highway. Over time, your brain will just believe that thought to be true and remain in that higher vibrational state. It will become your new Norm.

The Universe will then see this as you sending out a SUSTAINED higher frequency, and it will change and organized the world around you to to match that frequency. The means that you will have moved closer to having the life or the solution to a situation, that you desire.

So you see, you’re just ONE sustained thought away from a much better, happier, more deeply fulfilling life!









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