Abundant mindset

Tiny Shifts can make a world of Difference

We now know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that our Mindset dictates our lives, our thoughts create our Reality, our words hold Power, and every single cell in our bodies is listening and taking instruction from what we think and say. What you might not know is that tiny shifts in these areas can make a world of difference


Low-Vibrational Mindset

On the left-hand side of the chart below, is the Scarcity/Low-vibrational Mindset.

These are phrases that are so common in our speech that we think nothing of it but if you look closely, they speak of: resentment, belligerent obligation, hatred, hostility, control/domination, self-centeredness, resistance/push back, dismissal, scarcity, lack of appreciation, self-loathing, worthlessness.

Given that thoughts, emotions and words are all vibrations that create our Reality, just look at the building material you’re using to create your life when you engage in them!


High-Vibrational Mindset

On the right-hand side is the Abundance/High-vibrational Mindset.

Following the same path of inquiry, a closer look shows us thoughts, emotions and words of a very positive, High-vibrational nature: gratitude, feeling blessed/lucky, owning one’s power of choice and freewill, emotional maturity, compassion, respect, kindness, awareness, deep appreciation for everything in your life, awareness of all the abundance around you, self-awareness, self-worth, empowerment, living from Love.

Now imagine the life you are going to create for yourself when you use these building materials!


Low Vibration                                          High Vibration

Instead of saying this:                                 Try saying this:

I have to…..                                                         I get to…..

I hate…..                                                              I prefer…..

I want you to…..                                               I would appreciate it if……

You didn’t have to do that                         Thank you for thinking of me

I’m not good enough                                     With the right skills and support I can accomplish anything!



A simple shift in how you view and speak of things, has the ability to create profound change. Most likely, somewhere on your list of things to get done is the grocery shopping, so let’s use that as an example.

A Low-vibrational Mindset experiences it like this: I have to go and get groceries (exasperated), I don’t have time, I hate doing it, it’s such drudgery, there are so many other things I’d rather be doing.

Or alternatively….

A High-vibrational Mindset: How fortunate I am that I can move my body any time I want. I am able to leave my residence and can leave at the time of my choosing. I have transportation to get me there. I have a store near by that is not only filled with what I need but also with what I want. How fortunate I am that the products are fresh, and the shelves stocked. How blessed I am that I can pay for the things in my shopping cart.

This ‘chore’ that could fill you with disdain, is actually overflowing with blessings. A quick look at the news will show you how quickly all of these can disappear.


Tiny Shifts can make a world of Difference

Your life, this very day, is overflowing with abundance and blessings. The choice of Mindset from which you are going to experience it, is completely up to you. Whatever your choice is, will dictate your future, your life.

Joe Dispenza

Your thoughts, words and actions create your Reality


An excellent place to begin, is to really start paying attention to your thoughts/words. It costs nothing to do and the effects are life changing.

Aim for making small changes that you can sustain.

As you begin to consistently use phrases associated with an High-vibrational and abundant Mindset, you are going to see your Life change!

Joe Dispenza says: “If you keep thinking the same thoughts, and those thoughts fire certain circuits in your brain, the nerve cells that fire together, wire together. So all of a sudden you start getting hardwired, and those thoughts you can think the easiest.”

I highly recommend that you watch his powerful video: You MUST learn to reprogram your thoughts.  You will learn just how much power you have to create your Reality!


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