I think if we really knew how often we ‘indulge’ in negative thoughts, we’d be shocked.

Have you noticed that one negative thought, for example: “I can’t stand that”, very often leads to a cascade of thoughts  similar in nature? Perhaps you start to think of memories associated with that thought and that leads you to the people associated with that memory,  and then to the things they did or said to you……and on and on it goes. Before you know it,  you’ve spent a significant amount of time in the ‘thought universe’ of that one negative thought.

When this happens repeatedly, the neural pathways associated with that thought pattern become extremely strong. I would even go further to say that it can become addictive. Over time, this pattern of negative thinking becomes HABITUAL.

Why does this matter?…….because the nature of your thoughts, what you think about over and over again, determines the quality of your Life.

Remember that Energy flows to where your Attention goes. Every time you hyper-focus on what you don’t like, you give it more space in your life.  Think about that!! In over-focusing about what you don’t like, you’re actually sabotaging yourself from getting what you want.

So yes, of course, notice the things you don’t like or want but don’t get stuck there. Notice it, then shift your attention to what you do want.


Instead of getting stuck in negativity, PIVOT.

A simple but cosmically powerful way to create the life you desire is this: Whenever you are presented with something that is the antithesis of what you want, where you want to be or that violates your core nature, simply put your Attention on what you want and say: “I prefer this instead.”  That’s called Pivoting.

Take your attention off of what you don’t want, and heavily invest it in what you do want.


Pivot to create the future you desire!

You ‘Purchase’ your future with your Attention

Whatever you put your attention on, becomes your reality. You are creating your future by virtue of the things you’re putting your attention on now. When you ‘pay’ attention to something, you are literally ‘buying’ your future.  So, invest your attention wisely. Choose quality thoughts to create a quality future.

As you go through your day, notice where you are investing your attention.  As soon as you notice negative thoughts, stale thoughts, useless non-productive thoughts, PIVOT  by putting your Attention on what you wholeheartedly want.

Go even further by stating it with certainty, as a Declaration: “I prefer _____ instead!”  Saying it out loud is even more powerful.

Keep in mind that when you’re having to break a very strong negative thought pattern, you might have to say “I prefer ______ instead” many times. Don’t worry about that. Say it as many times as you have to!

Once your brain gets on board with what you prefer, it becomes MUCH easier to back it up with action. And when you put action behind a belief, you get Transformation!





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