Passive Aggressive Behaviour: Never let anyone treat you this way

When we think of aggression and bullying, images of being yelled at, demeaned, pushed, hit and worse come to mind. Clearly, at every possible level of examination it is wrong, and that’s why we are a society with zero tolerance of this kind of behaviour. However, there’s a less visible form of aggression and bullying that also does great harm, yet it doesn’t command the same kind of attention. Passive Aggressive Behaviour flies under the radar of news coverage and policies of intolerance and as a result, continues much longer and can cause catastrophic damage to relationships, families and teams. Therefore, it is up to you to educate yourself on this type of aggression and never let anyone treat you this way.

Passive Aggressive Behaviour

Like all behaviours there are many shades and degrees to its expression. Passive Aggressive Behaviour is often done with the intention to hurt, weaken or undermine/sabotage the recipient or process. Here is a quick reference chart that highlights some of the most common forms of Passive Aggressive Behaviour.


If you are experiencing Passive Aggressive Behaviour from someone, deal with it immediately. Do not let the aggressor lead you to believe that you’re being too sensitive, that you misunderstood what was meant, or that you don’t have a sense of humour.

Educate yourself on the nature of this type of Aggression. PsychCentral has an excellent list with detailed description of Characteristics of Passive Aggression.  Familiarize yourself with it so you can spot it when it’s happening. Get counseling and support. Learn skills for developing healthy boundaries and effective ways to deal with it. You have the right to be treated respectfully. With Passive Aggressive Behaviour, your boundaries are being violated. Do not let it persist. Call it out. Get your power back.


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