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Emotional Wealth. Another Dimension to T.Harv Eker’s: 13 Biggest Differences Between Rich People and Poor People

Clearly, T.Harv Eker’s list “The 13 Biggest Differences between Rich People and Poor People” is speaking about Financial Wealth, but what I find fascinating is that there is a whole other level to it. If you replace his references to Financial Wealth with Emotional Wealth, you now have a clear view into the Attitudes and Behaviours of people who live happy, fulfilling lives.


Financial Wealth // Emotional Wealth

Consider these 5 comparisons:

Financial Wealth: Rich people are committed to being Rich.

Emotional Wealth: Emotionally wealthy people are committed to being happy. They do so by consciously engaging in beliefs, attitudes, behaviours and habits that are aligned with their happiness.

Financial Wealth: Rich people see a challenge as an opportunity for growth and success.

Emotional Wealth: Emotionally wealthy people see a challenge/emotional discord as an opportunity for growth and the development of new, usable skills for creating Happiness. They possess a positive, growth-focused, creative-solution attitude. Every snag and road block is seen as a chance to evolve into a more emotionally rich, mature and evolved human being.

Financial Wealth: Rich people manage their money well.

Emotional Wealth: Emotionally wealthy people manage their emotions well. They have developed the awareness and skills needed to maintain a state of emotional balance. In doing so, they do not react impulsively. They are able to keep their emotions in check, respond with emotional intelligence and invest their emotions wisely.

Financial Wealth: Rich people do not back away from problems, do not avoid problems and do not complain about problems.

Emotional Wealth: Emotionally wealthy people do not hide from their problems. They refrain from engaging in negativity. You will not find them making their problems the responsibility of others. They step up, take full ownership and resolve issues in a constructive, thoughtful and respectful manner.      

Financial Wealth: Rich people are willing to act in spite of fear.

Emotional Wealth: Emotionally wealthy people face their fears: they move towards their fears instead of burying them. They leave no stone unturned in transforming their fears into power. They understand very well, the power they hold within them to do so.


What do they have in Common?

The common denominator between Financial Wealth and Emotional Wealth: Choice and Attitude. It is a Mindset, and one that is available to everyone. What we know from Neuroplasticity/ Brian Science today is that you can train your brain to be anything you choose: Optimistic, Creative, Productive, Negative, Apathetic, Defeatist…. Anything!

We also know that:

  1. Whatever your brain is told over and over again, it will believe to be true
  2. Whatever your Brain believes to be true, will become your Reality


Whether you’re choosing to be Financially Wealthy, Emotionally Wealthy or both, the choices you make, the attitude you maintain, and the behaviours you engage in, have the power to deliver highly desirable results.



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