Your Hunger must be Greater than your Fears

Life is growth. Growth means change. Change scares the heck out of most people. But change needs to happen if you are to stay relevant and thrive. How then, do you manage knowing that you need to change, with feeling anxious and overwhelmed at the thought of it?  First acknowledge that there is always some fear and discomfort associated with change. Second, and importantly, know that a key determinant for growth and expansion is this: Your Hunger must be greater than your Fears.

Your Hunger for what you want, has to be greater than the Fears/ resistance that hold you back. So, it doesn’t mean that there won’t be fears, it just means that your Hunger for what’s on the other side of fear has to be greater.

Note: In this context Fear based behaviours include: Anxiety, Worry, Uncertainty, Apathy, Unwillingness  to get uncomfortable i.e. to leave comfort zone.

Set yourself up for Success

Wisdom: 1. Knowing you will have some Fear. 2. Doing things to minimize it.

There are so many things you can do to reduce Fear but it all comes down to preparation. Mentally, emotionally and physically, prepare yourself for letting go of the old context and building the new.

  • Mentally: Educate yourself! Increase your knowledge about where you’re going and the steps to get there. Know where you’re going and why. Remember: Where you look you will go.
  • Emotionally: Create strong emotional ties to the new state. Throw your emotional center of gravity into the new context. Become joyous and enthusiastic about where you’re going. Commit to it wholeheartedly. Turn up the volume! Feel as though you’re already there.
  • Physically: Train! Learn new skills to help with the transition such as learning effective ways to lower stress: Conscious Breathing, Exercise, Nutrition and Supplementation. With what we know today, there is absolutely no reason or excuse for allowing yourself to exist in states of high stress.
  • Visualize (which embodies the above 3): See it. Feel it. Say it. Commit to it!  Your brain will believe anything you tell it over and over again. Make sure you’re telling it things that are aligned with your goals. Tennis Star Bianca Andreescu credits Visualization and Meditation with forming her winning mindset.
  • Support: Surround yourself with positive, encouraging influences: Friends, Family, Role Models, online Influencers.
  • Work with a Coach: A great Coach will help you become clear about the path to your goal, make sure you don’t stray from it and support you throughout the process.
  • Neuroplasticity: Nip self-sabotage in the bud by training your brain to work FOR you not against you. Learn how to Rewire your brain for Success.


Most Important of All

And I can’t say this enough…..

You are embarking on a journey that will take you from where you were, to where you want to be. This means leaving what was once familiar, comfortable and gave you context,  and journeying through the unknown before reaching the new paradigm/context/goal. The most important step of all is to create and maintain (with vigilance!!) a Daily Practice for remaining Balanced and Focused.

Having a Daily Practice during this transition is much like having a life raft that keeps you safe and afloat while journeying to your destination. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time but, this is training so it must be deliberate and consistent.

Daily Practice Suggestions


To be effective, a Daily Practice has to be something you can commit to. It doesn’t matter if it works for me or the person beside you. It’s your journey out of the old and into the new. What will keep you Balanced and Focused on those days when your fears are deafening, life gets busy, and your goals seems too far away? That’s what your Daily Practice has to address. It comes down to training and you’ll see that what I’ve suggested here is not that different from the Brain-Training Secrets of Olympic Athletes!

So, say YES to change, growth, expansion and evolution! Sure, there will be some fears/discomfort but by implementing the steps above and making sure that your Hunger for what you want is GREATER than your Fears, you’ll get there!


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