celebrate each step you took to get here

Celebrate every step it took to get here

I hope you can take this moment to just PAUSE and think of how far you’ve come.

The people who see your smiling face on social media posts have no idea what you’ve walked through. They think you’ve had happiness served to you on a silver platter, that life has been easy for you. But that’s not the case, is it?

You work hard to get to where you are.  You summoned the courage to walk through your fears, to believe in yourself and trust that there was something worthwhile in you to fight for.


You didn’t get to this point by Accident

You broke free from that undertow of past conditioning that told you that you weren’t good enough, that you didn’t matter..…and look at you now!! You didn’t get here by accident. You walked every single step out of the shadows to get here.

And it wasn’t easy. There were times when all you could do was breathe into the next moment, times when it was so hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but you did it! You didn’t give up on yourself, because there was something, SOMETHING, inside you that burned brighter than everything that had been thrown at you.

That ‘something’ inside you is your true self, your Authentic Self, the essence of who you are, and the part of you that can never be broken. Why? Because it belongs to no one else but you.


You are a living Role Model

And now, others are looking at you, especially your children, and getting to see what’s possible for them, too. The work you have done on yourself put an end to the generations before you who were not able to take the steps you have taken, and in doing so you have given the next generation a chance for a new beginning. You are a living role model for them. Do you realize how extraordinary this is??

So, please be proud of who you are and how far you’ve come. Stand strongly on this Earth. Celebrate the strides you took, your resilience and tenacity, your breakthroughs and evolution of consciousness. Acknowledge your extraordinary journey to this moment. It didn’t happen by accident. It happened because you showed up for your life. Take full ownership of the power you reclaimed. CELEBRATE  YOU!!





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