Kristina Jansz Life Skills: Getting Unstuck using a tip from Albert Einstein

Getting unstuck: Energy flows to the place of least resistance

There are innumerable applications of this one principle in your life: relationships, finances, career, business building, study habits etc. It is indeed a core Truth and the more skilled you become in applying it, the sooner you will find yourself getting unstuck and creating the life you want.

We’ve all experienced it. You’re trying to think of a word, it’s on the tip of your tongue, the more you try, the harder it is to remember. Out of frustration you let go of that thought and think/talk about something else. Or perhaps you go and do something that requires you to focus on another thought pattern, and then *bam*, out of the blue, there’s the word you were trying to remember!

You were focusing so intensely on trying to remember the word that your thinking process became jammed. The more you tried, the less likely it was going to happen. Your noble efforts were sabotaging you from achieving your desired outcome.


Getting Unstuck

When you find yourself excessively trying to make something turn out the way you’ve envisioned it, not getting the results you want, feeling stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed,  trying even harder giving it more focus, more effort and it’s still not happening,…….let go. Why? Because energy flows to the place of least resistance and your current approach is preventing it.

At a time like this, do something completely different to get your brain/neural pathways, emotions/frustration and body/ stress, unstuck.

If you’ve been glued to your computer, get outside, drive, walk in nature, rake the leaves. Experiencing a creative block? Get physical: swim, run, yoga, a team sport. You’re analytically blocked? Engage in creative, social/ humorous or physical activity.

And of course, there’s a universe of wisdom in Einstein’s approach, to “swim in silence”. When the mind is quiet, you can experience the breath as a flowing river. It transports you out of the paradigm of thinking in which the problem exists. This allows your mind access to the field of all possibilities/quantum field, the playground of creative thought and limitless solutions.


Broader applications

If you’ve reached a block in your efforts to find a job, put your focus, heart and energy into something that flows easily and that you love to do, while you continue looking for work.

Can’t find a solution to a particular challenge in your life: relationship, financial etc.? Get the process unstuck by wholeheartedly engaging in Gratitude for what you have, while remaining engaged in finding a solution to the problem.

Do you find yourself drowning in negative thoughts? Get your energy flowing in a positive direction and see your life from a fresh vantage point by supporting those who are in desperate need of a helping hand.

It is absolutely astounding how quickly you will find the energy of your brain, heart and body getting unstuck, flowing freely and delivering the solution!

Here is a wonderful video from Eckhart Tolle:   Getting out of yourself and into the energy field of stillness 


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