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Another Dream Job Success Story: I’m so happy to share with you that yet another of my Career Counseling clients has been hired….and not just hired in any job, but in the EXACT profession she wanted, one that allows her to use all the skills, gifts and talents she’s been given to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Not only that…she was hired immediately right at the end of the interview, the job met every single one of her criterion that she wanted in a job, including that it had to be ‘meaningful work’.

CONGRATULATIONS Jen! You worked hard to develop an incredibly professional Resume, you learned amazing Interview Skills and you delivered an outstanding Interview! You deserve every ounce of joy that this path of meaningful work brings you!! Really well done!! 🎉

Testimonial from Jen:

Thank you so much Kristina!!! I am so extremely thankful for your Career Counseling Program. It was so nice working on this with you. We really had fun! This is not the typical way of applying for a job, my results were immediate and I got to see myself in a new light. The interview training was invaluable. The training was harder then the interview and it gave me so much confidence going in to it. I found my dream job and I am excited to use my skills to make a difference.❤️


Just before Jen, there was another success story I need to tell you about. Ray B. needed help with mastering the Interview process and not a lot of time in which to do it. I created a very focused, rigorous Interview Training schedule for him, one that helped him understand where the challenges originated from, along with clear, simple steps to turn things around.

Then we practiced. I mean, we REALLY practiced!! To his credit, Ray threw himself into the process and took every single step I gave him.

The Result?

Ray 🌟ACED🌟 the Interview and was hired in the job he really wanted and for which he is such a great fit!!

CONGRATULATIONS to you Ray! You dedicated yourself to the Interview Training process and improved so much in such a short period of time. Honestly, it was extraordinary to see! I wish you the greatest success in your new job! Absolutely outstanding! 🎉


Google Review from Ray:

Kristina was the best thing that could have happened for my personal development. Her unique training and hands-on approach, were key elements in readying me for reaching new heights in my career. Not only would she take her time to ensure you understood what she was teaching, she also spent time outside of our sessions, researching relevant information that I could use in my interview conversations. I would give her 10 stars if I could.   (kj: Google only allows 5 stars for their highest rating 😊)


As Terri Class says in her Forbes Magazine article: Coaching isn’t just for Executives anymore. And the good news is that we’re living in a time where is now is seen as not only being normal but actually a sign of intelligence to reach out and get the support we need to elevate our Lives and Careers.


Great Resources

If you need help with your Resume, Cover Letter, mastering the Interview, finding your Dream Job, or just getting your Career back on track, please contact at me. My Professional Career Counseling had launched so many people into Careers they love!

If you have a virtual Interview coming up in the very near future, the Schulich School of Business has some great tips for you to use in: Acing a Virtual Interview


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