Introverts make Batter Leaders

Introverts are Better Leaders than Extroverts

Think Introverts are shy, anxious and won’t amount to anything in this highly competitive world? Think again! In Geoffrey James’s article, he quotes the findings of The International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research and Development stating that in fact, Introverts are Better Leaders than Extroverts. Why?:

        • They think before they speak
        • Comfortable with silence
        • Are better listeners
        • Empower others
        • Great at making connections
        • Have the capacity to understand the needs of others
        • Deeper thinkers, problem solvers
        • Are able to share the spotlight (introverts don’t like the spotlight on themselves)
        • Prefer writing to talking
        • And are calmer in a crisis


An Impressive List

Very Well Mind  describes Introverts like this: ” The word introvert is used to describe someone who tends to turn inward, meaning they focus more on internal thoughts, feelings, and moods rather than seeking out external stimulation.” describes an Introvert as a person who “tends to turn inward mentally and feels more energized by time alone.” 

John Rampton’s impressive list of 23 of The Most Amazingly Successful Introverts in history should make us all think twice about the quiet person in the room, at the business meeting or holiday function. You never know who may be seated beside you!

        1. Albert Einstein
        2. Rosa Parks
        3. Bill Gates
        4. Steven Spielberg
        5. Sir Isaac Newton
        6. Eleanor Roosevelt
        7. Mark Zuckerberg
        8. Larry Page
        9. Al Gore
        10. Marissa Mayer
        11. Abraham Lincoln
        12. JK Rowling
        13. Warren Buffett
        14. Mahatma Gandhi
        15. Hillary Clinton
        16. Michael Jordan
        17. Charles Darwin
        18. Meryl Streep
        19. Elon Musk
        20. Dr. Seuss
        21. Frederic Chopin
        22. Steve Wozniak
        23. Barack Obama
        24. Ruth Bader Ginsberg
        25. Marissa Mayer
        26. Oprah Winfrey
        27. Amy Shumer


Some might find it hard to believe that this list of phenomenally talented people, who have made such an incredible contribution to the world, would be titled ‘Introverts’.

Key takeaway: ‘Quiet’ does not necessarily mean ‘without the ability to make a difference’.


Great Resources

1. Forbes: “Silent Leadership: How Introverts can be Excellent leaders despite societal Stereotypes”

2. Here’s a great post from Healthline: What an Introvert  is – and isn’t

3. Who would have thought that Oprah Winfrey and Amy Shumer are Introverts?: Oprah and Amy Shumer on being Secret Introverts

4. WebMD has a short but really good post out on Signs you may be an Introvert etc.


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