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If life is a Reflection, why are you brushing the Mirror?

If you’re tired of unwanted themes taking place in your life, this post is for you!! The way we learn in this life is through Reflection. This means that whatever we believe to be true about ourselves is reflected back to us and that’s what we call Reality. This is important. What we’ve been taking for Reality ‘out there’, is actually a reflection of the choices we make inside. So, my question to you is this. If life’s a Reflection, why are you brushing the mirror?


Solving the Riddle

Here’s what I’m referring to. Imagine that you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and see that your hair is a mess. You say to yourself “Oh, that’s not good” and pick up your hairbrush to brush your hair. Then, you extend your arm with the brush in it, out to the mirror and you attempt to brush the reflection of your messy hair.

You try over and over again to ‘brush your hair’ (the reflection) but nothing happens. You feel yourself getting extremely frustrated and demoralized “Other people can have nicely brushed hair. Way can’t I??”

Then, in a flash of insight you say, “I know what’s wrong! It’s the mirror. Something is wrong with this mirror! I’ll use a mirror in another room!” And when the same thing happens, you go to another room, and another, and another, still trying to ‘brush your hair’ (the reflection), to no avail.

With each failed attempt, the feeling of  ‘not being good enough’ gains more strength. And then comes that catastrophic moment when you actually believe it to be true because how, after all, can all the mirrors be wrong? I know you see the problem with this. Now we’re starting to solve the riddle!


Here’s what supposed to happen

What you’re supposed to do is: Use the reflection to tell you what’s happening to the original (your actual hair), then make changes to the original to get the reflection you want. It’s as simple as that.


How this applies to your life

 When you look out at your life, you’re seeing a reflection of your beliefs in action. If you don’t like aspects of your life or if you notice unwanted themes taking place, do this. Instead of exhausting yourself trying to change things out there (brushing the mirror), turn your attention to the origin/the root cause of what you don’t like (your beliefs) then make changes to your beliefs to get the reflection you want.

This is life lived with great energy efficiency and MUCH less frustration!!


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