Making Lasting Changes in your Life

Life is growth, and growth means change. ‘Thoughtful change’ is about creating the conditions in which you have a chance to evolve into the best version of yourself. This isn’t about taking chaotic, random, wasteful action. Instead it’s about thinking things through, developing a plan you feel comfortable with, using your energy wisely, and taking deliberate thoughtful action.

The good news is that making changes in your Life does not have to be difficult. It really comes down to understanding the process and the key steps to take.The Internet is filled with articles on how to go about making changes, but I want to share with you 3 important points that don’t often get discussed:


1. Progress rarely is one ascending line from point A to Point B

We’d all like to think it is: If I do A, then B and then C, I’ll reach D. However, more often than not, we spiral our way to D, taking strong steps forward then perhaps a side step, perhaps even a detour, then more steps forward.

🌟 And all of that is fine! In fact, that’s how the journey of growth and transformation unfolds. So be patient with yourself. Have reasonable expectations. Be in it for the long haul. Go the distance.


Willing vs Wanting

Willing vs Wanting

2. Willing vs Wanting

Being ‘willing’ to change is quite different from ‘wanting’ things to change. Anyone can sit in their comfort zone and say they want things to be different. But, being willing to step up and make the changes in yourself and your life to reach that goal, THAT’S the biggest step of all!

Sometimes you know things have to change but you aren’t at the point where, for a wide variety of reasons, you can take that step. And that’s okay! What this means is that you are still in the ‘Preparation Stage’. This might mean that you need to get your finances in order first, or that you require additional training, or that you need support getting to a place here you feel strong and confident enough to take that step. When you are ready, you will know!

🌟 Without a willingness to change, nothing will change.


3. You do You

When  you begin to step out of your comfort zone and make changes in your life, it’s natural to want to see others make those changes too. It gives you comfort to know that you’re not alone, that others are moving in the same direction and taking similar steps.

The truth is, your journey isn’t going to look the same as the person beside you. So, just stay focused on your path and the next step ahead of you.  As Marianne Williamson has famously said: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.

🌟 Life is an inner journey. You do you in the best possible way, and be proud of it!


Find/Create a place where you can be accepted as yourself

I find the story of Ed Sheeran’s phenomenal rise to success particularly inspiring as we are now so much more open about the different ways that our brains work, and even disabilities. As a child he was bullied, ridiculed, he stuttered and kept to himself. In the article Bullied to Billboard you’ll learn about his remarkable journey. And you can learn even more here as to how he overcame stuttering. 

Ed certainly is a man who has been able to make lasting changes in his life, not only in overcoming great challenges and reaching success, but also in being able to do so while remaining humble and most important of all, by being himself. Where there was once a time when he felt he didn’t belong, he created a place for himself in this world, and an extraordinary one at that!


Great Resources

Did you know that Walt Disney was once fired because he “lacked imagination”?? Hard to believe, but true! And JK Rowling was a struggling single mother living in poverty before she wrote the mega successful Harry Potter books. Be inspired by the journeys of others. Read up on them. You can start here with 45 Famous Failures who will Inspire you to Achieve.

If you’re thinking that success only comes to extroverts, think again. Futurist, influencer and thought leader Bernard Marr has 10 Habits of Successful Introverts you may want to read!



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