Life Tips from Warren Buffett

You may know him for his business brilliance, talks and philanthropy, but let me tell you, Warren Buffet has learned some really important lessons about living life, as well. They are things we can all relate to and make use of in living life successfully.  I like the simplicity and clarity of his lists. Clearly, a very intelligent man.

The Smartest people I know

Don’t get easily offended

Read more than they talk

Enjoy intelligent discourse

Quickly admit when they’re wrong

Comfortable changing their opinion

Surround themselves w/ intelligence

Seek to understand every perspective on a topic


Signs of Maturity

You argue less

You listen more

You don’t force love

You don’t judge others

You become more open-minded

You prefer to be silent than to engage in a nonsense conversation

Your happiness doesn’t depend on people, but from your inner self

You respect differences


Advice for the all the young people

Read and write more

Stay healthy and fit

Networking is about giving

Practice public speaking

Stay teachable

Find a mentor

Keep in touch with friends

You are not your job

Know when to leave

Don’t spend what you don’t have


Very sound advice. Thank you Mr. Buffett!



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