Is it possible to have a Career that is aligned with your Values and Interests?

Is it possible to have a Career that is aligned with your Values, Beliefs and Interests? Or, is this asking for too much and should you just be happy that you have a job?

Each week I hear clients expressing a deep desire to make changes to their professional path. “I just can’t do it any more! It’s sucking the life out of me. I feel like I’m dying inside.”

These are actual statements I hear on a regular basis. They come from intelligent, responsible and resilient people, who don’t walk away from commitments easily. This is so much more than what could be considered typical workplace frustration and that’s what makes what they’re saying so important.


A Shift is taking place

 They’re highlighting a deep sense of disconnection between who they are, and what they do for a living. Their voices are signaling a change that’s taking place in our Individual and Collective Consciousness. More and more people are saying that they are no longer content to live lives disconnected from their highest nature. They want their careers to be aligned with their Values, Beliefs and Interests. They insist that what they do for a living, be a true expression of who they are and what they believe in…. and they are willing to work hard for it.

A shift is taking place and we need to hear what’s really being said. Our context of ‘Work’ is being forced to change due to the fact that we are changing. The sharp rise in Personal Growth and Awareness, Health and Well-being, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness etc. etc. and the billions of dollars invested in these areas each year, suggest that this is not going to go away.

To be clear, we’re not going to see a huge change in the very near future. However, the more people are willing to say, “There has to be another way. I want my Career to be aligned with my Values.”, and then have the courage to engage work that is an authentic expression of who they are, the closer we get to creating a new context of what Work can be.

The implications to health, happiness and well-being, and how this affects society as a whole, are staggering! People loving and believing in what they do? No more Sunday nights filled with anxiety and dread because the workweek begins the next day? What a concept!


A Personal Note

I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t feel a strong sense of purpose driving me. Even as a child, I knew there was something meaningful I was supposed to do with my life. I have always wanted my work to be a reflection of who I am: where who I am and what I believe in on the inside, is how I express myself on the outside and make a living in this world.

Without a doubt there were times in my life, when this was impossible to do. My top priority back then was to pay my rent, tuition fees, living expenses etc. At that time, I needed income I could count on. Period. I did what I had to do, and I was very grateful for each of those jobs. I worked from a place of Integrity, giving each employer my best effort. But importantly, I wasn’t just ‘biding my time’. Each job taught me skills that I use to this day and that helped me learn, grow and develop as a human being. Each step played a role in getting me to the point where I could create a career that reflected my truth.


Long hours, Sacrifices….. and I wouldn’t change a thing

Over the years, I began to navigate my way towards making my professional life an authentic expression of who I am. The sense I had as a child, to use my life to make a difference in the world, combined with the awareness and skills I developed over the years, was the foundation upon which I created a business. And yes, I’m happy to share that it is indeed, a true expression of who I am and what I believe in.

As with most rewarding achievements, it has been one of the most challenging and fulfilling things I have every done. The workload can be extremely demanding at times. Sacrifices have been made. The inner strength and perseverance needed to stay the course is beyond description but I can say, wholeheartedly, that the work I do daily and possibilities of what I can do in the future are completely aligned with my highest nature. And I wouldn’t change a thing.

So, is it possible to develop a Career that is aligned with your Values, Beliefs and Interests? I say, yes, absolutely! Others will say no. They’ll tell you it isn’t reasonable. When I hear this, I remind myself that this is typical of any time of change.


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