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Hiring time will be here soon!! Go in prepared with expert Career Counseling: an outstanding Resume and Cover Letter, exceptional Interview Skills and a focused Job Hunting Plan.

At the very least, 95% of my Career Counseling clients will be hired this year. Let me help you get on track with a career you love: one that gives you purpose, the opportunity to use your skills, financial stability and a chance to grow. Whether you’re just out of school and need some direction, transitioning between jobs or not wanting to retire just yet, my Career Counseling Services can help you reach your goals.


Specifically, I help my clients:

  • Identify their skills, experience, talents and  career direction
  • Develop a highly professional Resumes and Cover Letter
  • Develop powerful Interview Skills
  • Engage a comprehensive Job hunting plan

I set the bar at excellence and don’t take my eyes off it until we achieve it. What’s more, the very process of this program will help you develop into a more confident, focused professional.  Believe me when I say that in today’s job interview process, this is the edge you have to have!


Final note

One last thing to share with you. This is a very positive and dynamic process. Your belief and confidence in yourself is going to grow. Yes, we have work to do, but the steps are clear, you’ll get all the direction and support you need and you’re going to hit the ground running.

Getting on track with creating a fantastic and fulfilling career path can start right now.  If you or anyone you know needs help with their Career, contact me!



“Kristina really helped me in the areas I needed to improve on. Interviews have always been something I have struggled with. Kristina really knows how to bring the best out in people. She always explains in detail every step of the process. She is knowledgeable, reliable and enthusiastic about your concerns and wants you to succeed in every way possible. Definitely will be going back to her!” – Jason Coleman

“Kristina was there for me at a time in my career when I needed a good push in the right direction. I felt a bit stuck and confused about why my previous methods for obtaining contract work had seemingly ceased to deliver any results.
Our sessions were an eye-opener. We developed the right tools to enhance my marketability and I was left feeling more confident about my own short and long term aspirations. I will always appreciate that.”– Tim Norton

“My first visit with Kristina was a result of a good friend’s not so subtle advice and, since I am wary of any type of “life coaching”, I came armed with a healthy dose of skepticism. Boy, was I wrong! Kristina set me up with a plan that first day, focusing not just on talking about issues but actually actively changing the patterns that support them. My focus for my visits was training for the stressful medical school interview (MMI), and Kristina was brilliant in setting it up! She was unfamiliar with the process, yet within a day she had it all planned out, and our training sessions were wonderful. Needless to say I will be starting medical school this year – enough said! I cannot recommend her enough!” – Magda Lenartowicz


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Thank you for taking time to read this post! The right information at the right time is a most powerful catalyst for change. For Coaching, Workshops or an Inspiring Talk on this valuable topic, contact me!

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