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Destiny has a different Vibration to it

Sometimes it feels like an inner calling that pulls you powerfully towards a cause. At other times, it can feel like the wind at your back, constantly pushing you towards it, even though you might not know what ‘it’ is. There are those who are born into a fixed role and their Destiny is to use their position in a way no one has done before. And then, some people ‘accidentally’ trip into theirs. One thing is certain, Destiny has a different vibration to it.

Everyone has a Destiny to fulfill in their lifetime. Every single person comes into this world with something, that when used for the highest good of others, will leave this world better because they were here.


The Nature of Destiny

Most of the time, fulfilling your Destiny requires that you move through your deepest fears, grow beyond your comfort zone and reach deeper into yourself and your resources than you even knew possible. The very process itself, forces you to evolve and leave behind who you thought you were, in order to become the one needed to see it through.

For every moment that you feel as though your back will break from the weight of what you have taken on, it is your hunger to fulfill this call, being greater than your fears, that carries you through to the next moment.


Destiny has a different vibration to it

And your hunger really does have to be greater than your fears. Destiny requires a level of Commitment that is disproportionate to every day life. This out-of-the-ordinary force that connects you to something greater than yourself, means that you can’t as easily walk away from it, as you might if it were just for you.

At times, you’re going to have to stand completely on your own….and possibly for a long time. You may even have to withstand wave after wave, year after year, of dissenting voices, roadblocks and discrimination of one kind or another.

But you’ll do it.

Why? Because to do anything else would be a complete violation of who you are, what you believe in and why you’re here.


Destiny: An Unbreakable Bond

Greta Thunberg Jane GoodallThis is the unbreakable bond we forge with our DESTINY. Look at these faces! Look at the unwavering resolve in the faces of 84-year-old primatologist and conservation expert Jane Goodall and 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg.

This is the look of people who are fulfilling their life’s purpose. They have the courage to swim against the tide and put actions behind their words to make this world a better, more expansive, livable Home for all beings and for generations to come. They are fulfilling their Destiny.

You have a Destiny to fulfill, too. It probably won’t be easy. You’re going to have to grow beyond anything you ever thought possible. There are going to be times when you feel you can’t go on, that the only thing you have left in you is the ability to breathe into the next moment. And then, you’ll wake up the next morning and keep on going.

Destiny connects you to something much greater than yourself. And when you combine that force with something you deeply believe in, you will move mountains to fulfill it.

So rise up from your slumber, fears and doubts. You were born into this time because you have something the world needs now. Don’t keep it hidden. Our collective evolution needs you to fulfill the life’s purpose that is encoded within you. Trust it. Take the step and the path will appear.


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