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Career SOS: #2 Adapt and Diversify

You need to think differently now.

Pre Covid-19, gaining a post secondary education and taking steps A, B, C, D and E would more than likely have helped reach your Career goal. It was a very linear approach for getting to where you wanted to be. Inherent in that approach was the assumption that the socio-economic world/ the context in which you were being trained to work, was reliable, stable. It was a given.

That has changed now and a linear approach will not work. Why? Because the context itself, has changed. Specifically, the former context has broken down and is in the PROCESS of evolving into a new one. The socio-economic world we currently find ourselves in, is not fixed. It is not stable. It is uncertain, changeable and without a clear end point. These are the defining characteristics of change and Evolution.

This means, that you cannot build your Career now, using the same approach you used pre Covid- 19.

Your approach has to change. In this current environment it is critical that you adopt a mindset and implement a plan for how to move forward during a time of  great change.

Think Laterally

Do to so, consider taking a Lateral approach. This means, spread yourself out over a wide area. Increasing your professional surface tension will increase your Career stability.

Re-vision and Re-purpose your skills/experience to meet the new needs that have surfaced in the marketplace as a result of this explosive change. Think outside of the box, WAY outside of it, and be prepared to see yourself working is ways you had never considered. Take your existing skills/services/products and come up with new ways they can be used, new needs they can meet.

Adapt. Diversify.

This is the time to rethink your skills, not simply in terms of your industry, but across (lateral approach) many industries. While this is by no means a comprehensive list, it will give you an idea of what works:

  1. Use this time to learn new skills that will marry up with your existing skills and allow you to be relevant and valuable to more industries.
  • I’m currently working with a client who has retail sales and management experience. I’ve recommended that she marry her current skills/experience: Leadership, initiative, sense of responsibility, goal- focused, organizational and administrative skills, interpersonal and communication skills etc. with an online Virtual Assistant course. This will allow her to present herself to a wide range of new industries and in a way that is relevant to the Covid-19 work environment i.e working from home. Additionally, by working with other businesses in an administrative capacity, it will give her valuable insight for how to best up her own business some time in the future.


  1. Have your hours been cut back?
  • Take on contract/project work on the side to increase your weekly/monthly income.
  • Create a micro business using the skills you have. Get the message out to your community, neighbours and family. (Note: there will be an upcoming post on this).
  • I’m currently Business Coaching a client in taking her hobby out to the public. Not only is this bringing her extra income but her fulfillment level surrounding doing something she loves is positively stratospheric!


  1. Has your industry been hard hit with layoffs?
  • A young man who was trained to work in the automotive industry recently contacted me. He has no experience as yet in his field and therefore he does not see much hope that he will be hired in this profession any time soon. Given his previous work history, I advised him to make use of every single government-training program that is currently available. The reason: 1. He will have a better chance been hired in a job that has been created by the government if he has been trained by them. 2. All the programs he takes will help him build a strong, credible resume, which will attract the attention of future employers when hiring resumes.


  1. Strength in Numbers
  • On their own, your skills/ product/ services may not have strong footing in the marketplace right now. Teaming up with complimentary products/services to offer something more extensive and that can reach a wider audience is a great step. There’s strength in numbers!!


My Message to You

I have a time-honoured knack for seeing things up ahead, even when current trends and experts suggest otherwise. My message to you is this: Don’t be complacent. Resist the urge to reply on Government Financial Aid Programs like CERB for longer than necessary. Even though it may be uncomfortable, seize the time now to Re-envision your Career and get very engaged in building it. Trust me on this: this approach will place you at the front of the pack later on.

I can’t say this enough!! This is a phenomenal time to break free of a job you weren’t happy with and chart a new course. Be Flexible.  Be willing to see yourself and your life in a new way. Re-invent yourself. Dream BIG. Grab hold of the reins. Put together a Plan. Everything is Possible.

Sometimes, you’re so close to your own situation, that it’s hard to see a clear way through. If that’s the case, please reach out for some exceptional Career Coaching. I have been helping people create amazing Careers for years and would love to help you do the same!

If you would like to get started on Individual Career Coaching, please contact me directly at: 705 794-9900 / kjansz@rogers.com. Remote sessions available.

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Thank you for taking time to read this post! The right information at the right time is a most powerful catalyst for change. For Coaching, Workshops or an Inspiring Talk on this valuable topic, please call me.

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