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4 Easy Steps to a Great Cover Letter

Throughout my time as a Career Counselor, I’ve seen some pretty interesting versions of Cover Letters!  Here are some important things to keep in mind when writing one. The average Recruiter will spend 15 seconds reading your cover letter therefore, it does not serve you well to write long, information filled paragraphs ‘telling your story’. Quite simply, the information will not be received. It’s 100% your responsibility to present the information in a way that ensures they’ll receive it. Here are 4 Easy Steps to a Great Cover Letter and one of the reasons why my Career Counseling clients get noticed!

4 Easy steps to a Great Cover Letter

Step 1: The first paragraph must be brief and to the point. In a one page cover letter, make this paragraph a 2-line opening statement that lets the reader know you are genuinely interested in working for them.

Step 2: The second paragraph should contain a maximum of 2 concise sentences with the second one leading the reader to a list of 6 bullet points describing the main features. This should include your education, professional history, skills and personal character traits i.e. emotional intelligence. This list should be positioned in the center of the page where it will command the most attention.

Step 3: No generic cover letters! Do your research. In the third paragraph, indicate your knowledge of the company, their corporate culture, values and mission statement. It’s now your job to connect these with what you have to offer and clearly state why you are a perfect fit for the position. It’s up to you to close this gap. Do not leave it up to the reader to make this connection!

Step 4: Fill this last short paragraph with energy and emotional intelligence as you express your genuine desire to bring the best of what you have to their team. Be authentic and professional in your delivery. Sign off with a strong interest to meet with the Recruiter.

One final point

‘How’ you deliver the message is part of the message itself. Make sure the layout of your cover letter is simple, clear and well organized. Direct the reader’s attention to what you want them to know about you. Do this by bolding: your name, the name and number of the job posting, the 6 bulleted points and the name of their mission statement / corporate values policy.

To make those valuable 15 seconds count, follow these 4 Easy Steps to a Great Cover Letter and you’ll ensure the reader remembers you the way you want to be remembered!

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