talksI inspire Hope and Change by teaching people simple ways to transform their fears into Power!

I thoroughly enjoy speaking with others and am absolutely passionate about my subject matter! Each speaking opportunity is a chance to share knowledge that inspires individuals, groups and teams to broaden their thinking and change their lives.

I’m repeatedly told that my ability to get down to the root of the matter, explain concepts in simple clear ways  and motivate others to change, makes my talks very engaging. The audience feels that they have learned something new which they can apply to their lives.

My topics greatly appeal to businesses, public service organizations, special interest groups and the general public.

Please visit my blog in the website for more ideas for insightful and inspiring Talks.

In addition, here are some of my most sought after topics:

4 easy Steps to Fantastic Communication

Reduce Your Stress, Quiet Your Racing Mind!

Conquering Self-Sabotaging Behavior

The Key to evolving into New Solutions

Developing Confidence

Solve the Riddle: Stop negative themes for good!

Why aren’t you living your Dreams?

Journey from the Self to the Soul

 The Challenges of walking in Light

Managing Your Sensitive Nature

For more information or to discuss designing a talk specifically suited to meet the needs of your group / team / community please call or email me directly at:

705 794-9900



“I was one of the lucky attendees at your presentation. I found it to be insightful and inspirational. You encouraged us to set goals and dreams and determine the self-sabotaging behaviors that could prevent us from reaching them. Was this presentation valuable? Yes!”
-Ruth Faulkner, Past President, Muskoka Literacy Network 

“Thank you for participating in the Energize, Discover & Empower Show. You embraced an eager and interested group of participants that came away inspired and empowered by your talk! I applaud your energy and encourage you to continue sharing your support and interest in helping others to help themselves.”
– Cathy Wild, Event Connections