stressKnowing how to manage Stress is absolutely critical to living Life well!

Stress Management Skills

Through a few simple techniques, I can teach you how to calm your racing mind and rewire your brain and body to a place of feeling centered, grounded, calm and clear thinking. This is really possible!! Everybody should learn this!


The combination of Counseling and Reiki is powerful!! Reiki goes down to a level that words can’t get to so, once we have dealt with things at the intellectual and emotional level, I use Reiki to make shifts in the energy matrix to affect complete and thorough transformation. You can look forward to a deep reduction of stress, and profound sense of Peace, Stability and Clarity. Awesome!!

Intuitive Perceptions

I most definitely fall into the category of being a highly sensitive person and as a result, I have the ability to sense and listen very deeply. This means that I am often able to perceive things that others might miss and this impacts my work with clients in a very powerful and positive way.

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“I have seen Kristina for both Intuitive Readings and Reiki treatments. I feel that I absolutely could not have stayed so emotionally stable and worked through the fear from the breakdown of my marriage if it was not for Kristina. Her Reiki treatments really helped bring me to a place of healing, love, and acceptance. Kristina’s soft, loving energy is truly a gift. Whether it be an Intuitive Reading to point you in the right direction, Reiki to help you de-stress or Counseling for support to make the necessary changes, Kristina is definitely a source you can trust.” – Clair Marsland

“I’ve been seeing Kristina for intuitive sessions, counseling, business advice and Reiki sessions. I have found Kristina to be very supportive and warm and she makes you feel like you matter and what you are going through is important; she genuinely cares and wants you to succeed. I also enjoy my Reiki session with Kristina; they help me relax and re-energize. I have found Kristina to be an invaluable addition to my other therapists.” – Laura Batten