careerThe clients with whom I do Career Counseling are consistently being noticed!

They are being told that their resumes, cover letters and presentation skills are ‘top notch’. But most important of all, they are getting the jobs they want!

There is absolutely no reason why you should spend years showing up for a job that doesn’t inspire you, feel demoralize because you’ve lost your job or hopeless because you can’t find a job. Instead, do some highly effective Career Coaching sessions and get back on track!!

These Career Counseling sessions will help you:

  • Identify your strengths, skills and experience
  • Develop a powerful resume and cover letter
  • Develop a clear and effective Plan of Action for finding a job
  • Develop excellent interview skills! This is critical because, HOW you present yourself is part of the message. Even with the best resume in hand, if your interview skills don’t match your resume, you won’t get hired. With my vigorous interview training process, you will go into the interview with knowledge and confidence, and the ability to give a first class interview!

With so much competition out there for getting a job, you absolutely MUST give yourself every possible advantage. My Career Counseling Services will help you master the process and put you ahead of the crowd!


“Kristina was there for me at a time in my career when I needed a good push in the right direction. I felt a bit stuck and confused about why my previous methods for obtaining contract work had seemingly ceased to deliver any results. Our sessions were an eye-opener. We developed the right tools to enhance my marketability and I was left feeling more confident about my own short and long term aspirations. I will always appreciate that.” -Tim Norton

“My first visit with Kristina was a result of a good friend’s not so subtle advice and, since I am wary of any type of “life coaching”, I came armed with a healthy dose of skepticism. Boy, was I wrong! Kristina set me up with a plan that first day focusing not just on talking about issues, but actually actively changing the patterns that support them. My focus for my visits was training for the stressful medical school interview (MMI), and Kristina was brilliant in setting it up! She was unfamiliar with the process, yet within a day she had it all planned out and our training sessions were wonderful. Needless to say I will be starting medical school this year – enough said! I cannot recommend her enough!” – Magda Lenartowicz