images-2Who we are, why we are the way we are, how our beliefs and behaviors shape our lives and the ability to evolve into the most complete and beautiful expressions of who we are as human beings has been an interest of mine, my entire life.

Academically, I attended McGill University in Montreal as well as the University of Toronto and achieved my Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology.

In conjunction with this, there was another, and very important, educational path I took and that was my own personal journey of awareness that taught me how to transform my fears and doubts into power. I found my way out of that maze of frustration and discontent! Once I did, I realized that I couldn’t keep this information to myself, even more, that I had a responsibility to share this knowledge with others so I wrote The Personal Empowerment Program. Based on it, I have had the privilege to help so many people create deeply fulfilling lives and careers.

I absolutely love helping people solve the riddles in their lives, stop self-sabotaging behaviour and reach their goals! Clients tell me that my positive energy combined with insight and simple, clear techniques have completely transformed their lives! It is such a joyous moment for me when I see the heaviness in my clients’ eyes shift to hope, and then awareness and finally enthusiasm as they take flight into the lives they were meant to live.

With each session you will get my complete focus on your personal journey and the issues you are dealing with, as well as my full commitment to helping you make the changes you desire. To be sure, there’s work to do in order to get you from where you are to where you want to be, but you won’t have to do it alone.

The One on One counseling sessions, Relationship Building Program and Teen and Young Adult Empowerment Program and Stress Reduction Skills I offer are absolutely transformational!

I also have a comprehensive list of highly skilled professionals in complementary modalities that you can draw from should you need support in other areas.

And finally, in addition to the above, I teach a wide variety of empowerment workshops, speak to interest groups and businesses interested in expanding their awareness, publish articles on a regular basis and do radio and television interviews.

I’m looking forward to helping you create the best life possible!