The 12 Principles of Spiritual IntelligenceSpiritual Intelligence,image,12 Principles of Spiritual Intelligence is one of the most inspiring talks I’ve heard in a long time. This is not about religion. It’s about each and everyone of us raising the bar and living to a much higher level of Being. Dana Zohar  speaks with such an extraordinary depth of Intelligence and Integrity. She most definitely describes the qualities of a world I want to live in and I believe everyone can take away something relevant from what she says here.

Danah Zohar is an American-British author and speaker on physics, philosophy, complexity and management. She studied Physics and Philosophy at MIT and did postgraduate work in Philosophy, Religion & Psychology at Harvard University.

Her books Quantum Self, Quantum Society, Spiritual Intelligence and Spiritual Capital are works that will transform how you see yourself and the world.

PLEASE persevere through the visuals, which are a little wobbly. Her message is immensely POWERFUL!

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