finding your way through difficult times, challenging times, image9 Time-honoured ways of going through the Void

It’s going to happen.

Going through the Void is necessary for all growth: the evolution of ideas, relationships, careers, businesses, life transitions, you name it!  It can also be very disorienting and make you feel unbalanced and out of control. Having a plan for keeping yourself calm, balanced, and clear in thought will help you create order out of chaos during this transformational time.

Fortunately, there are some simple and highly effective ways to do this!

9 time-honoured ways of navigating your way through the Void

1. Have Daily Practice: a small one that you will be able to commit to, even when you are having a rough and overwhelming day/week/month/year, will be most beneficial. Be sure to include these:

  • Lower your emotional and physical center of gravity (the opposite place to where you’ll find anxiety/worry brewing). Conscious Breathing is an incredibly effective way to do this. It will also help to activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System which in turn will make you feel centered, grounded, calm and clear thinking.

 2. Express / Release Stress

  • Journaling: this is an exceptional way to release the stress and worry that has built up in your emotional brain so that you’re able to access the parts of your brain you need the most: critical thinking and creative thinking.
  • Exercise!!
  • Talk to someone who can be objective: Coach, Counselor, Mentor

3. ‘Shrink Your Universe’:  to give your mind a rest from anxious, racing, all consuming thoughts

4. Open your Mind / Shift your Perspective

  • Creative thinking/daydreaming
  • Listen to and care about other people’s stories
  • Volunteer

5. Be in Nature! This is truly one of the greatest de-stressors of all

6. Reinforce your connection to others / the greater whole

  • Your Spiritual connection. Whatever this is for you, put time into it daily!
  • Key Relationships, Friendships and Family: who are supportive and uplifting
  • Spend quality time with your pets

7. Manage your energy output. Don’t get mentally or physically scattered/drained. Only invest your energy in things that deliver strong returns.

8. Humour

9. Where you look, you will go

  • Pick a point on the horizon of your life that you want to reach (your goal) and don’t take your eyes of it. Gently steer towards it. Make sure that all your thoughts and actions line up with this destination. Remember, Where you Look, You will Go!

The take away from this post is that while going through the Void is a normal and necessary part of growth, there are things you can do to make it less turbulent. By putting these steps into practice, you can actually be filled with hope and anticipation as you travel from where you are, to where you want to be. Most of all, you can enjoy the Journey! 🙂

Thanks for taking time to read this post! The right information at the right time is a most powerful catalyst for change. For Individual Coaching, Workshops or an Inspiring Talk on this valuable topic, Contact Me!

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  • Thanks Kristina. Writing to you to day, brought me back to your web site. After reading a few articles, I feel better already.

    • Hi Ruth, I’m delighted that my posts are helping you! I have a lot more on the way 🙂
      Sending warm blessings to you, Kristina

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