Healing, signs that you've moved on, moving past the pain, hope, how do you know when it's time to move on,ImageHere’s the point when you know you’ve moved on

You acknowledge that it happened. You’ve gone deep within to heal.  You have learned what you needed to learn.  That which wounded you no longer holds you prisoner. You have reclaimed your Power.

You can see how you’ve grown from the experience. You are more compassionate, understanding, and supportive of others as a result of it. You feel an inner strength and awareness deep within you that wasn’t there before. You are stronger. You are safe.

It’s not the 1st, or even the 15th thing, you think about when you wake up in the morning. Days go by where it hasn’t entered your thoughts at all. You don’t want to talk about it anymore because the lower energy brings you down. You have moved on. You would rather your friends and family NOT bring it up in conversation. You see a happy, relieved look in their eyes when they look at you.

It happened but it no longer defines you. You have shifted your emotional center of gravity from pain to peace. You no longer use the experience to define who you are. You now define yourself by your strength, creativity, activities, interests, loving connections and wanting to make a difference. Your eyes are looking forward.

You soak up the beauty and joy of the present moment. You delight in the sensualness of Life. You find humour in things that would have once stressed you. You feel a strong urge to clear clutter out of your living space. Your creative juices are flowing/ you have so many ideas. You enthusiastically make plans for the future.

You are deeply aware that the experience which once dominated your thoughts and emotions, is but one single thread amongst the billions of threads that will make up the extraordinary tapestry of your life.

The greatest sign of all that you’ve moved on: Mentally, Emotionally and Viscerally, you are happy and filled with Hope!

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