self sabotage, self sabotaging behaviour, reach your goals, stop sabotaging yourself,ImageUnderstanding Self-Sabotaging Behaviour

It doesn’t make sense, does it? Why would anyone sabotage themselves from getting the very things they want? And yet it’s happening all the time.

Self-Sabotage takes place when your behavior is not aligned with your goals and it can effect every part of your life: Health, Relationships, Career etc.

The importance of understanding Self-Sabotage cannot be overstated because no matter how much you want to achieve something, if you do not step up to change the behavior, your life will become a long list of excuses and resentments as to why you could have but didn’t achieve your goals. An awful feeling, to be sure!

Some of the most popular types of Self-Sabotage are:

Apathy, Letting things slide
Not speaking up for yourself
Anger and Aggression
Over Controlling
Over Commitment
Allowing people to treat you disrespectfully
Poor communication skills
Boundary violations
Poor Stress Management
Addictions, great and small

Secrets We Keep have a great list of Self-Sabotaging behaviours. Can you relate to any of them? 🙂

No one participating in Self-Sabotage feels proud of it, in fact, often times there’s a great deal of shame associated with it. The good news is that you can change this by learning new and effective life skills, ones that will help you create a deeply fulfilling life.

If you, or anyone you know, is engaging in Self-Sabotage, contact me and learn about the services I offer in Life Coaching, Relationship Counseling, Communication Skills, Stress Management and Career Counseling that can help you close the trap door on Self-Sabotaging Behavior forever.

In a world where changing a situation can sometimes seem like an insurmountable task, I’m here to tell you that dealing with Self-Sabotage is definitely achievable!

Thanks for taking time to read this post! The right information at the right time is a most powerful catalyst for change. For Individual Coaching, Workshops or an Inspiring Talk on this valuable topic, Contact Me!

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