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Have you ever noticed that just when you’re about to reach for that goal you’ve wanted so badly, you’re filled with fear and resistance? What you really want is to be filled with Confidence, right?

Well, here’s something you need to know about Confidence…..

Confidence is developed as a result of a process. The process begins with thinking things through clearly, doing all the necessary preparation, developing a strong support system, taking the step, remaining focused on your goal, dealing with all the challenges that come up (some of which may be those you feared) and drawing on internal resources of strength and character you didn’t know you possessed. Sometime later, you’ll look back to the point where you originally began, probably be amazed at the steps you’ve taken and notice that you have gained Confidence in your ability.

Take a look at this list of the many of the people we know to be tremendously successful, who first had many failures. What then was the deciding factor in their success?……They didn’t give up! 

Quite honestly, I think it’s very beneficial to be filled with a certain amount of nervous excitement at the beginning (as opposed to being over-confident ) because it keeps you alert and aware of what’s taking place which is the best place from which to make decisions. That said, here are some amazing ways to keep yourself focused and grounded as you prepare to take that step!

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