Joy, what brings you Joy?, lightness of being, free to be yourself, happiness, freedom,ImageWhat Brings you Joy?

Such a simple question. 4 little words. Yet this one question stumps most people, especially those who have become emotionally disconnected with themselves.

So let me ask you:

What does Joy mean to you? What brings you Joy? If you find yourself getting stuck when answering this question, Robert Holden Ph.D. has some great points to consider,

What have you experienced that made/ makes your heart burst open to such an extent that you had no idea that you could feel such joy, love, and happiness? Is it an accomplishment, a piece of music, a sunset, the love and connection you feel with another, fulfilling a life long dream, a new awareness?

What makes you happy to be alive now, right now?

Take a moment, or a day or a week, but make sure you take the time to answer this question. This is so important because whatever you put your attention on will become your Reality. If all you’re seeing in your life are the things that are wrong with it, then that’s what will end up taking up the most space.

You see, thoughts have emotions attached to them and emotions create chemical reactions in your brain. Each time you think a thought that generates a strong emotion, powerful neurochemicals are released in your brain creating neural pathways. Each time you repeat this thought and feeling, the neural pathway gets more defined in much the same way as walking down a path, the more it is traveled the more defined the path becomes.

What all of this means is that you can literally create a happy / sad/ joyous/ negative / inspired brain. It’s completely up to you! You can chemically reconfigure your brain to be whatever kind of brain you want. Think about the impact this will have on your life!!

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