Understanding, seek first to understand, don't judge, listen with your heart, bridge the gap, get all the information before responding, ask better questions,ImageSeek First to Understand

Have you noticed how Reactive you are? We all are. Before the person we’re speaking with has even finished what they’re saying, we’ve already decided what our opinion is on the matter. The opportunity for misunderstanding is so great that it’s a wonder we communicate at all!

I believe a sign of intelligence, not to mention evolution, is to make sure we have as much information and have understood the other as much as possible, before responding.

So today, why not make it your priority to first understand the other. Truly listen, ask questions, clarify what you’ve heard and when you’re sure you’ve thoroughly understood what was intended, then respond. You’ll find that this:

1. Greatly reduces misunderstandings
2. Fulfills one of our most basic needs as human beings, which is to be heard
3. Creates a climate of communication where even if the other disagrees with your opinion, they are more likely to be open to what you have to say because they feel their thoughts were received respectfully.
4. Increases the quality of communication tremendously

If you’re interested in learning more, Get In Front has some great tips for bridging communication gaps.


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